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Addiction leads to a number of unpleasant consequences, which can have considerable harm to the human body. Detoxification after drugs is one of the most effective procedures that allow you to rid the addicts of the dangerous effects of toxins. Treatment of drug addiction in Kiev is successfully practiced in our center.Thanks to the developed methodology, over the years we have been guaranteed to relieve the drug addiction of all those who applied. Provided specialized assistance to people who suffer from drug dependence, helps get rid of addiction. In rare cases, the procedure is able to completely normalize the functioning of the body. The vast majority of the consequences remain irreversible. We offer you to read more about how detoxification is useful in drug addiction.

To whom the procedure is necessary, and to whom it is contraindicated

Detoxification of the body

Detoxification is carried out not only to get rid of drug or alcohol dependence, but also to remove toxins from the body. It is well known that the presence of toxins in the human body leads to their gradual decay. As a result of this process, a person is intoxicated. Poisoning by toxic decomposition products affects the general health of a person, affects the functional activity of vital systems and can become the root cause of a serious illness. The use of the lighthouse facility happens to be important there.

First of all, we are interested in detoxification after drugs. The main indication for the use of this service is opioid dependence, which is characteristic when using heroin, opium, methadone or other potent drugs. The main symptom that should signal an immediate detoxification of the body is the withdrawal syndrome (in other words, breaking).

In some cases, a person with drug dependence can independently cope with the emerging syndrome and spend time without leaving home. But the vast majority cannot cope with the constantly increasing physical pain. This factor should become the key to calling a team of specialists, since immediate detoxification from drugs is required.

Detoxification from drugs has some contraindications, which you should know about. Of course, the admissibility of conducting methods of detoxification is determined only by a qualified specialist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. Detoxification during drug addiction is contraindicated:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with chronic cardiovascular pathology
  • People with epilepsy

In severe patient condition

It is important to understand that the body of a drug-dependent person is not able to cope on its own with the purification and elimination of harmful toxins. In addition, in the human body there is only one purification filter – the liver. A colossal load on the liver can lead to irreversible effects and serious illnesses.

Perfect Options for the Better Eye Care Now

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Agree, brilliant, clear eyes adorn even the most ordinary face. How to achieve this? Quite simply, you just need to want it. And some recommendations will help in this.

Relieving fatigue from the eyes

To eyes less affected by fatigue and tension, put on the eyes compresses of tea or herbs used for infusions.For the eyes it will be useful if you, rubbing your palms intensively against each other, put them on the eye for a few minutes. Then sit quietly and relaxed in this position. Try it! You will be very satisfied! For the proper Eye Care this is a very important matter.

The Best Solutions

Lovely women, we advise you to wash your eyes daily with strong tea infusion. This removes fatigue, redness of the eyelids. Lotion of lime flowers and chamomile (one tablespoon per cup of boiling water) will help preserve the glitter of the eyes. And for us, women, it is so necessary! Effective are milk compresses that eliminate inflammatory phenomena: soak the milk soaked tampon on closed eyes for 4-5 minutes. Then rinse with water and dry. Around the eyes, apply a greasy cream. So how is it? Do you like yourself?

We get rid of bags under the eyes and swelling

If you have pouches under the eyes and eyelid swelling, this can be the result of various internal diseases. But often they appear in practically healthy people. Very effective in this case compresses from the present sage. Brew tea … a spoonful of sage for half a cup of boiling water and hold it under the lid for 10 minutes. Part one cool, and heat another. Alternately, apply to the eyes for 5-10 minutes compresses of hot and cold sage broths. It is better to do this procedure before going to bed.

The Results

Good puffiness under the eyes of a mask of raw grated potatoes, used in the morning and evening. Peeled, washed and dried potatoes grate on a fine grater in the amount of two tablespoons and immediately apply it on the previously prepared pieces of gauze to the bottom of the eye (on “bags”) so that the gauze remains over the potatoes. Hold for 10-15 minutes. After removing the mask, apply cream with vitamins A and E, barely touching the skin, in the direction from the internal incision of the eye to the lower eyelid to the temples. After 15-20 minutes cotton wool soaked in cold tea, you need to remove excess cream.

An excellent effect also gives the mask from the leaves of parsley: fresh green parsley leaves finely chop. Put on bags under the eyes and on swollen eyelids, cover with moist tampons and leave for 10-15 minutes (do not forget about the trial for allergies!)

Useful advice – especially for women

Register for an appointment with the dentist only in the morning. In general, all the most painful procedures try to spend in the morning. In the mornings, all procedures are less painful, and in the evenings the sensitivity to pain increases.Below are the best general health tips provided by the specialist doctors.

Do not exercise in the morning

This is harmful to health. All the hormones that regulate the life of the body are thrown into the blood only by 11 am, so the physical stress up to this time upset the body. Any physical work should be done only after 11 hours.

  • Never eat pates and drink cocoa if you watch your weight.
  • Do not wash the dishes in the evening – leave it in the morning. And do not work physically in the evening or at night. At this time, the muscle strength decreases. And the lowest capacity for work during the day comes in the interval between 2 and 4 o’clock at night.
  • Before roasting portioned meat, cutlets or fish, pack them in flour, breadcrumbs or semolina. This will improve their taste and make the appearance more attractive. But it’s still not the most important thing. More importantly, the breaded products preserve the useful substances to a greater extent.
  • Do not pour detergent into the bath to wash the body more than indicated on the package. Synthetic substances degrease the skin, and it begins to peel off.
  • In order to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients that are destroyed during cooking, first add water and then dip the vegetables into it, in particular boiling water, and not into cold water. And the food should be cooked on very slow fire.
  • If you are sitting physically at the computer in front of the computer, in night snacks include non-vegetable foods, and as much protein food as meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, milk, and drink hot tea or coffee. It is proteins that increase the intensity of metabolism and raise the tone of the central nervous system.
  • Brush your teeth in the morning with toothpaste, and in the evening with tooth powder. Toothpaste cleans teeth less than powder, but in the afternoon, additional self-cleaning of teeth with saliva and solid food occurs. At night during sleep, self-cleaning does not occur, so you should brush your teeth with a stronger powder.
  • Wear a warm cap on your head before going to bed. This will help not only to cope with insomnia, but also to fall asleep more quickly. And make sure that your favorite put on the cap before going to sleep.

Usually ladies do not eat at night, so as not to gain excess weight . However, not everyone knows that the skin of the face also suffers from evening gluttony. In the morning, eyelids usually swell, there may be swelling and even a rash on the face.