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Taragh Bracken’s Law School Reading Anecdotes

Law School Is Spoken About Regularly

If you’re interested in becoming a law student, then there are a few items that you should fiercely consider prior to filling out the application to your favorite A-List schools. You may notice much talk about law students with their brief cases and late-night hours in the university library in either talk with friends and family, or from film after film (hey there, Legally Blonde and the well-known television show Suits).


Here’s the truth about what life is like as a lawyer, spoken by yours truly: One of the top family lawyers with her own practice in Oshawa and Whitby, Taragh Bracken. There is a ton of reading, more than you can ever be prepared for since every week you are given new reading assignments and exercises to prep for in-class debates (which only aspiring lawyers would love to this extent).


You Develop Laser-Eye Vision For Reading

Bracken used to spend 30 hours a week in the library when she wasn’t working part-time to pay her law school tuition. The reason that the reading racks up is because you are given assignments to understand the academics’ opinions of the law on top of reading what the actual legal statutes state. While it will be difficult at the beginning of your scholastic adventure, by the end of your first semester you will be in awe at your capabilities in summarizing 50-page reading material like it’s a couple pages here and there. You’ll figure out what the main theme of your assignment is in a few short minutes and spot the best passages that get at the crux of the case like it’s nobody’s business.


Everything Converges Together In The End

Since the words of the law is so vast, it becomes easy to feel left in the dark when learning material that seems foreign to you. While many universities try to organize the courses in students’ first year so that they can act as stand-alone exams, Taragh Bracken in particular noticed that only a few courses made for the perfect fit: Criminal Law and Land Law.  She later followed through with these courses because she loved them so much and started her in practice in criminal and family law. However, if one person were to take trust and equity law prior to land law, then they would simply feel flustered as they did not take the proper foundational course to begin with.