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The aerial term rightly distinguishes the notions of safety and security. Safety consists of preventing possible technical incidents on board an aircraft while safety is based on the prevention of possible illegal or terrorist acts. As such, it aims primarily to prevent the introduction of any explosive devices on board civil aircraft (in a baggage hold, cabin or via cargo transported in the bunkers, etc.) or the carriage of goods.

Arms or any objects that could be used for the purposes of air piracy

Air freight obviously does not escape security concerns, especially as the proportion of general cargo traveling in passenger aircraft bunkers continues to increase.

  • Since 2001, controls at airports have been considerably strengthened and investment in this area has more than doubled. The attempted bombing in London in August 2006 confirmed once again the vulnerability of air transport to all types of threats and led the institutions to take an additional step by limiting the carriage of liquids on board aircraft.
  • Then, following a failed attack on a Northwest Airlines jet from in December 2009, a list of additional measures was enacted by many countries. The regulatory base is based on the order of 28 July 2005, which is the legal basis for the security measures to be implemented by the various operators under the control of State agents. You will know more from the load boards for truckers.
  • Otherwise, US was one of the first countries in Europe (since 1998) to apply security measures for air cargo. It defines the framework security measures that Member States are required to implement. This regulation was then completed in April 2010 by other texts. The standard states that the obligation to secure cargo rests with the airline, an agent, a freight forwarder or any other entity that provides security controls with respect to cargo or mail. This charge can be delegated to a freight agenthaving an accredited agent’s license.

This mission of public interest is thus ensured by private operators. In terms of liability, Article L.6343-1 of the Transport Code introduced by Order 2010-1307 of 28 October 2010 on the legislative part of the Civil Aviation Code Articles repealed and replaced by the Code of Civil Aviation. Transport specifies that, in order to ensure the safety of flights in advance, the air carrier implements security measures on freight and postal parcels prior to their embarkation on aircraft. The air carrier:

  • Either carries out security visits of the freight and postal parcels which are delivered to it;
  • Ensure that the freight or parcels are delivered by an authorized agent.

Freight or postal parcels, which cannot be checked after being packaged for their characteristics, shall be returned to the authorized agent exclusively by a known consignor.

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