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Useful advice – especially for women

Register for an appointment with the dentist only in the morning. In general, all the most painful procedures try to spend in the morning. In the mornings, all procedures are less painful, and in the evenings the sensitivity to pain increases.Below are the best general health tips provided by the specialist doctors.

Do not exercise in the morning

This is harmful to health. All the hormones that regulate the life of the body are thrown into the blood only by 11 am, so the physical stress up to this time upset the body. Any physical work should be done only after 11 hours.

  • Never eat pates and drink cocoa if you watch your weight.
  • Do not wash the dishes in the evening – leave it in the morning. And do not work physically in the evening or at night. At this time, the muscle strength decreases. And the lowest capacity for work during the day comes in the interval between 2 and 4 o’clock at night.
  • Before roasting portioned meat, cutlets or fish, pack them in flour, breadcrumbs or semolina. This will improve their taste and make the appearance more attractive. But it’s still not the most important thing. More importantly, the breaded products preserve the useful substances to a greater extent.
  • Do not pour detergent into the bath to wash the body more than indicated on the package. Synthetic substances degrease the skin, and it begins to peel off.
  • In order to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients that are destroyed during cooking, first add water and then dip the vegetables into it, in particular boiling water, and not into cold water. And the food should be cooked on very slow fire.
  • If you are sitting physically at the computer in front of the computer, in night snacks include non-vegetable foods, and as much protein food as meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, milk, and drink hot tea or coffee. It is proteins that increase the intensity of metabolism and raise the tone of the central nervous system.
  • Brush your teeth in the morning with toothpaste, and in the evening with tooth powder. Toothpaste cleans teeth less than powder, but in the afternoon, additional self-cleaning of teeth with saliva and solid food occurs. At night during sleep, self-cleaning does not occur, so you should brush your teeth with a stronger powder.
  • Wear a warm cap on your head before going to bed. This will help not only to cope with insomnia, but also to fall asleep more quickly. And make sure that your favorite put on the cap before going to sleep.

Usually ladies do not eat at night, so as not to gain excess weight . However, not everyone knows that the skin of the face also suffers from evening gluttony. In the morning, eyelids usually swell, there may be swelling and even a rash on the face.

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